Saving time with Altinn

Eight of ten managers in business and industry say that they spend less time on official forms because of Altinn.

As many as 83.6% of almost 1,500 surveyed managers from business and industry identified with the claim ‘Our enterprise spends less time on public forms by using Altinn' in a survey conducted in June and July 2010.This is the first time the score has exceeded 80%.

‘Among Altinn’s most important objectives is to rationalise business and industry’s contact with the public sector. The fact that so many of the respondents believe they save time by using Altinn confirms that we are on the right track,’ says Roar Olsen, head of the Department for National e-Administration and Infrastructure at the Brønnøysund Register Centre.

Respondents in Telemark were particularly satisfied
Telemark was the county with the greatest number of satisfied Altinn users. In Telemark, Altinn gets a good score in both reliability and stability, and is perceived as being easy to use. The respondents would like to make more use of Altinn. They all agreed that it should be possible to submit all public forms via Altinn.

There are also clear local differences in people’s awareness and use of Altinn. In Østfold, Buskerud and Finnmark, more than 90% of managers in business and industry have heard of the portal. At the opposite end of the scale, we find North Trøndelag, where one of three has not heard of Altinn. The respondents in North Trøndelag also score lowest on use of Altinn. Of those who had heard of Altinn, 75% had used the solution to submit public forms. In Akershus, the corresponding figure was 95%.

Simple and safe reporting

Eight of ten managers in business and industry think that it is easy to use Altinn, while more than 90% of the respondents believe that it is safe to use Altinn. Both figures are an improvement on the figures from previous surveys.

‘It is very important to us that our users feel secure when they submit forms via Altinn. We are happy that the number of people who deem Altinn to be safe and easy to use continues to increase,’ says Olsen.

New Altinn versions for improved services

In 2010, two new versions of Altinn were launched, both as part of the comprehensive Altinn II programme. The goal is improved user-friendliness and simpler collaboration across agencies.

Environmental award to Altinn

In June, Altinn won third place in a competition on the environmental benefit of IT projects. It was only beaten by an IT-based system for smarter navigation of ships at sea, and a technology for planning outtakes of biofuel. The competition Smartere og grønnere (‘Smarter and greener’) was organised by the websites Dagens

Procedures without forms for European business and industry

The mapping of what type of services you need to apply for to be granted a permit to engage in sales in Norway was concluded in 2010. Only a few application procedures require a form, but businesses from all the EEA countries must nonetheless be able to find information and apply online through Altinn.

Won prize for best customer service

In 2010, the Brønnøysund Register Centre won the prize for best customer service in the public sector. The prize was awarded during the Call Centre Days in Oslo on 27 April. We have made great efforts to raise the level of competence in the area of customer service in recent years.

Scored high on reputation

This year, the Brønnøysund Register Centre came seventh in the ‘overall impression’ category.