The accounts

In the same way as many other state enterprises, the Brønnøysund Register Centre’s operations are funded by annual appropriations from the government budget. Revenues are generated by the level of fees as laid down by Stortinget (Parliament) and are channelled straight
into the national treasury. Thus using the normal business terminology to talk about an operating surplus or deficit does not really work for an agency like the Brønnøysund Register Centre.

  • Revenues
  • Expences
Revenues Note 2009 2010
Service fees      
The Register of Mortgaged Moveable Property/The Register of Marriage Settlements   219,593,221 234,852,018
The Aquaculture Register   560,900 864,400
The Register of Business Enterprises   136,287,599 144,761,684
The  Register of Non-Profit Organizations   3,787,750 3,575,508
TOTAL registration fees   360,229,470 384,053,610
Enforcement proceedings      
The National Fee Collection Office   83,272,180 83,093,775
Register information      
The Register of Mortgaged Moveable Property/The Register of Marriage Settlements   1,014,495 1,086,389
The Register of Company Accounts   3,340,174 3,710,715
The Register of Business Enterprises   11,246,054 11,946,655
The Central Coordinating Register for Legal Entities   1,129,751 1,105,734
TOTAL information fees   16,730,474 17,849,493
TOTAL service fees paid 1 460,232,124 484,996,878


Assignment revenue      
Basic reimbursements   5,463,820 5,810,424
Volume reimbursements   7,994,356 8,584,854
EBR revenues   203,495 56,781
The Central Marketing Exclusion Register   1,176,032 1,085,977
The accounts database   2,936,658 3,057,060
TOTAL assignment revenue - sales   17,774,361 18,595,096
Development and operations of databases/registers   14,369,160 11,740,791
Courses/training   647,881 1,589,545
AltBas   406,000 584,000
Collection activities   171,966 1,238,802
Consulting activities   5,175,319 4,307,422
TOTAL assignment revenues – reimbursements etc.   20,770,326 19,460,560
TOTAL assignment revenues the Brønnøysund Register Centre 2 38,544,687 38,055,656

Altinn central administration - revenue/reimbursements

  34,904,692 53,811,048



Service fees (Note 1)

In 2010, total fees paid amounted to NOK 485 million (2009: NOK 460.2 million).  Half the increase can be ascribed to higher fees, while the rest has to do with an increased case load. Fees related to the sale of information generated revenues of NOK 17.8 million (2009: NOK 16.7 million).

Assignment revenues (Note 2)

Business and industry request services and information that, in principle, are not part of the Brønnøysund Register Centre’s product range. On assignment, the centre organises and presents information according to the customer’s wishes, provided that the customer covers the costs of developing the requested product. In 2010, such assignments generated NOK 18.6 million in revenues. The Brønnøysund Register Centre also get assignment revenues from the development and operation of, among others, the Lottery Register, the Aquaculture Register and the Voluntary Register of Complementary Practitioners. In 2010, revenues from such assignments amounted to NOK 19.5 million.