Diagrams and figures

About The Brønnøysund Register Centre.
The Central Coordinating Register for Legal Entities
Registered in the Central Coordinating Register for Legal Entities 2007 – 2010.
Entities registered in the Central Coordinating Register for Legal Entities broken down by main group 2007-2010.
Cases handled by the Central Coordinating Register for Legal Entities 2007 – 2010.
The Register of Non-Profit Organizations
Total number of entities in the Register of Non-Profit Organizations.
The Register of Business Enterprises
Registered enterprises divided by enterprise type.
Cases sent to the district courts 2007 – 2010.
The National Fee Collection Office
Registered enforcement actions, forced sales of real property and execution proceedings.
The Norwegian Register of Hunters
Norwegian hunters 2010
The Register of Bankruptcies
Liquidations and compulsory winding-ups 2007-2010
New, expired/cancelled and active business disqualifications 2007-2010.
The Register of Mortgaged Moveable Property
Official registrations 2007 – 2010.
Official registrations 2007 – 2010 (other).
Commenced debt settlement proceedings and registered debt settlements.
The Register of the Reporting Obligations of Enterprises
The Department of Distribution
Automatic register information inquiries.
Percentage distribution of inquiries between various Web Services.
Inquiries answered by telephone 2007-2010.
The Register of Company Accounts
Annual accounts submitted 2007-2010.
Limited liability companies /housing associations against which legal proceedings were instituted in 2010 for failure to submit annual accounts for the 2008 financial year.
The Central Marketing Exclusion Register
Reservations registered in the Central Marketing Exclusion Register.
Number of reservations per year.
Total by reservation type 2001 – 2010.